Our work methods

High Technology
In 20.000 M2 modern greenhouse Aquafleur uses the latest techniques to maintain the optimum climate in its greenhouses; with more than 100 plant varieties, each requiring individual treatment, a controlled climate is an absolute must. Every day, 250,000 litres of water are circulated through the computer-controlled water treatment equipment, and atmospheric humidity, degree of acidity, temperature and the required nutritional value are closely monitored. Artificial assimilation lighting guarantees that we can also produce top products throughout the winter months.

Many of our plants are cultivated with the tissue culture method. Tissue culture guarantees the best quality, continuity and production and is environmentally-friendly; because we multiply our plants and no use parent material has to be harvested from nature, thus protecting the flora in the countries of origin.

Specialist knowledge
The 80 staff at Aquafleur understand the requirements of their work, whether potting on, making cuttings, generally caring for plants or monitoring the climate. With more than 25 years of experience in the farming of aquarium plants, and managers who have completed all necessary training, we can guarantee the best products.

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